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Weekly we pull animals from these animal control facilities, many that were scheduled to be euthanized. Every week, we rent a passenger van and transport these 20-40 animals to the safe hands of no kill rescue. We average 1000 lives saved per year.

We love what we get to do for these 4 legged kids. We love to see these lives changed, not only these animals, but also the lives of the people that adopt them. We also do some adoptions through our rescue.

We also accept owner surrenders and litters.

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Help save an animal by fostering them


Every single year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the US. Too many pets end up in shelters, come from unfortunate conditions, or abuse or neglect; and few people consider adoption when looking for new family member.

Give an animal hope, and a home


Does anyone need another picture of your dinner? Your new shoes? A crazy cloud formation? A GYM selfie? No. I really don’t think we do, we all can do without those. But a picture of you and your newly adopted furbaby? Absolutely!! Upload and wait for the likes and loves to roll in… Plus, you’ll FEEL GOOD about it! There is nothing more heart warming, genuine, or pure than the feeling of love from a grateful soul you just saved

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Looking to help?


We are looking for volunteers to help foster, transport and help us find forever homes for our animals. We would also appreciate any monetary donations.

Donations can be made via Pay Pal to:

Or directly towards our bill at:
Chester Animal Hospital
c/o Puppy Rescue 911
1616 State St.
Chester IL. 62233-1001

Puppy Rescue 911

We believe all animals should have loving homes. If you know of an animal being mistreated or have an animal that needs a new home, please click below.
ANimal Assistance

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