Animal Rescues
If you or someone you know has an animal that is being mistreated or losing their home, please contact us
Why do we rescue?
Every animal deserves a good home
We help individuals and local authorities to rescue mistreated animals. We have a network in Illinois throughout the Midwest and the South save mistreated dogs, cats and other pets.

Why Should you foster or adopt?
1. Because you'll save a life and they'll enrich yours!
2. Because you'll gain the most loyal best friend you'll ever have.
3. It costs less.
4. Because it is genuinely emotionally fulfilling.
5. Puppy mills are the DEVIL.
6. A lot of amazing dogs are in shelters, foster, or rescue needing you.

Puppy Rescue 911

We believe all animals should have loving homes. If you know of an animal being mistreated or have an animal that needs a new home, please click below.
ANimal Assistance

Looking for a Home

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